Smart Water Management With Integrated DSS


SAID Project

SmArt water management with Integrated Decision support systems

The need for providing high quality water to citizens and to reduce damages produce by floods and droughts has motivated research and development of many software-based decision support systems (DSSs). However, despite the notable technical advances DSSs, most of the water infrastructures in Europe are still managed by expert operators based on traditional best practices but with little support from these new smart tools. The objective of SAID project is to involve the final users and the SMEs in order improve the production and deployment of more smart water management systems in Europe.

The project will focus in the deployment and evaluation of a complex demonstrator, composed by several heterogeneous and innovative DSSs in the same river basin. This demonstrator, in the south of Spain, represents many similar basins in Europe, and will be based on cutting-edge DSS technologies in three areas: flood control (including the optimization of dam management), quality of water, energy management (energy production and energy consumption). The feedback from the final users will drive the improvement of the DSSs and the development and validation of a software platform that facilitate the integration of existing and future DSSs.

SAID project will be carried out by water management authorities, companies operating water infrastructures, SMEs that produce DSS and research centres with proved knowledge in techniques and technologies for real-time data monitoring, environmental modelling, simulation and optimization of the water related elements.