SAID Workshop Organised in the framework of Euro-INBO 2016 on 19 October in Lourdes, France

The training workshop was held in the framework of Euro-Inbo 2016 on 19 October 2016 in Lourdes. 20 people  attended the workshop in Lourdes and 7 participated online.

The main conclusions of the workshop were:   Information and Communication technologies as well as the availability of more and more data can help to make water management smarter. Such smart management has been demonstrated by the European water and innovation project SAID in the Guadalhorce basin (near Malaga, South of Spain). It allowed optimising dam operation with decision support systems taking into account the behaviour of the whole river basin. The solution achieved is providing recommendations for dam operation to limit flood risk, optimise hydroelectricity generation, and ensure the quality of water necessary for irrigation, domestic water supply and the environment. The system is also providing additional services highlighted during the discussions held at SAID workshop organised during the Euro-INBO 2016. It can be used for training new dam operators, thanks to its simulation capabilities based on historical situations and past manoeuvres. It also aggregate real-time information into maps and indicators on the quality status of water resources that is very useful for all water users. Finally, the solutions are fully operational and can be easily customised to other river basin world-wide, different set of dams, any water quality classification systems, different water uses, ….

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